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Are you looking for accommodation? We currently have a number of vacancies around the Birmingham areas.

our mission statement

Clear Housing service is flexible, sensitive and responsive with the aim of maximizing service user’s dignity, independence, choice and control over their own lives and is committed to equality of opportunity and has a belief in the fundamental principle that every person has a right to good quality support services and in its daily operations it will strive to achieve this ideal.

Clear Housing is working in partnership with local government, service users and support agencies in order to meet CLG strategies.

    Clear housing is totally committed to

    Providing Excellence

    Our commitments are based around always delivering an excellent service, whilst continually improving upon our service to satisfy our clients.

    Empowerment & Independence

    A key focus on empowering service users, informing, consulting, involving and supporting the independence of the service users and promoting social cohesion.


    Service users are always ensured safeguarding whilst making use of our services, protecting the rights and responsibilities for all users.

    Privacy & Confidentiality

    At all times, total privacy and confidentiality is enforced, securing information to protect your individual rights.

    Individual Action

    Rather than relying upon staff members, service users are directly encouraged to take actions for themselves, promoting independence and securing an understanding.

    Active Decision Making

    By working together, service users are encouraged to take part in active decision making about their service provision.

    Family & Friends

    Throughout the participation in our projects, links are promoted with friends and families to further support and success.

    Food Bank

    Clear food bank free food parcels for the homeless and needy.

    services we offer

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